AQUA MIRAGE invites Mirage MedSPA guests to the heated sea water pool, for water gymnastics and relaxation, in a welcoming and inspirational decor. The beautiful colorful lights, the inviting lounge chairs, the warm atmosphere, give this area the charm of a story about harmony, regeneration and wellbeing.

The water exercise programs are performed under the permanent guidance of experienced kinesiotherapists and are personalized to suit the particular characteristics of each guest or grouped according to afflictions.

The pool is equipped with relaxation and prophylactic equipment: underwater showers, Jacuzzi, cervical showers, waterbeds, air jet massage mini-waterfall, lumbar massage, floaters and balls for gymnastics exercises and for the guests’ entertainment.

AQUA MIRAGE entices guests with its two saunas and ice fountain.

As a very popular beauty ritual, also known as Finnish sauna, the dry sauna has been practiced for more than 1000 years. Heated to 80-90-100°C and equipped with comfortable Scandinavian wood benches, it helps eliminate toxins, stimulates the immune system, relaxes the muscles, deeply cleanses the skin and stimulates cellular regeneration.

The wet sauna or steam bath, covered in a mosaic of sea colors is heated to a much lower temperature (40-50°C) and the humidity can even get to 100%. The steam bath is beneficial both for the health and for beauty. It is recommended for chronic fatigue, rheumatics, obesity, cellulite, respiratory disorders and circulatory disorders.

Saunas relax the body and eliminate stress, offering a well-deserved break and total detachment from the daily grind. On the other hand, saunas favor the elimination of water from the body, thus shaping your figure and making you restoring the body to an enviable beauty.

Between sauna sessions, we invite our guests to cool off at the ice fountain, with an ice flake massage. The body is subjected to a revitalizing and toning thermal shock, beneficial after a heat bath. Alternating hot-cold revitalizes and makes skin firm, as guests can enjoy the ice massage repeatedly.

AQUA MIRAGE + Fitness ZONE – Access conditions 

-Access to the Aqua Mirage + Fitness area will be allowed to all guests staying in the hotel for free of charge, regardless of the package of services purchased (accommodation / meal / spa), following a reservation made at the Reception Spa.

The Aqua Mirage area is composed of the following facilities: indoor pool, wet sauna, dry sauna, cervical waterfalls, jacuzzi, cyclonic showers, hydromassage underwater beds.

– Children staying in a hotel between 4-16 years old will be allowed access to the pool * (also free of charge) between 12:00 and 14:00.

– Children up to 4 years old will not be allowed access to the pool.

Unique access rates for guests who are not staying in the hotel:

Access Aqua Mirage + Fitness 60 Lei / pers (2 hours)

Access Aqua Mirage 42 Lei / pers (2 hours)

Kids Adventure * 20 Lei / child (2 hours)

* Access to the pool, an adult with a maximum of 2 children between 4-16 years, between 12:00 and 14:00


The short distance to the sea, the ambiance, the unique services offered by a team of experienced professionals, are a few of the factors that we hope will convince you to take a break for your health.